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Bogs Meadows Trail in Saratoga Springs (or how to have a happy dog)

Lulu enjoys the ponds on Bogs Meadow.

If you’re like me you’re always looking for new places to take your dog. Either to walk him or run him. If this isn’t you then maybe you should consider it. Like people, dogs get tired of the same old thing day in and day out, that includes their daily walks. We may think we’re doing something good by walking doggy down the same street every day so that he can do his business but outdoor time is more than that. This time actually serves a larger purpose.

First, dogs certainly need their exercise. Some more than others. If you have a dog this should be a part of your routine. In fact, it should come as part of the doggy owner’s manual.

Second, and we often give little thought to this, being outdoors serves a psychological purpose for dogs. Feeling trapped indoors for hours at a time is as harmful and risky to dogs as it is to humans. Worse in fact. Ever spend too much time indoors and feel as if you’re on the edge of your nerves? Do you find that you get short and snappy with others? That’s actually quite normal but we humans can rationalize our problems and feelings. When we get stir crazy cause we’ve been cooped up all day we have the ability to just walk out or we can at least know that we’ll be getting out soon and that can give us something to look forward to and some relief to our stress. Not so for dogs. For them, getting access to the outdoors is at the whim of others and, far be it for anyone to say with certainty what dogs are actually thinking but, they probably feel as if they’re never going to get out at all. This feeling and state of mind leads to frustration which can in turn lead to anxiety and a whole host of other behavioral issues.

Macho on the trail. Notice how far down the trail you’re able to see.

So since I’m not big on dog parks, I try to find new places for my doggies to give them a change of scenery and to run and play. One such place is Bogs Meadow trials in Saratoga Springs. It’s a two mile stretch running almost parallel to route 29 heading towards the town of Schuylerville. Funny enough, while I’ve driven past it countless times, I discovered this through a client who occasionally takes her dogs there. It’s a narrow path offering plenty for your dog to explore. While I do run into dogs it’s only on occasion. If you’re looking for a place to take your fearful or shy dog and hope to keep her away from, others this path will suit your purpose. You can see oncoming dogs and humans from a distance so that there are no surprises upon turning a corner.

For us humans, the path is peaceful, quiet, and tranquil and a perfect place to gather your thoughts, commune with nature, and bond with your dog.

Read more about it by following this link to their site.


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