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The best choice without a doubt!

Armando is amazing!

It was the best decision we ever made!


Armando’s training program transformed our dog

I went from dreading walking my dog to loving it in two sessions!

…now we have a completely different dog at home.

We see a complete change in her inside and outside of the house.

Armando is excellent!

Calm, relaxed, playful, happy

…I am so grateful for the changes in his behaviors.

Simply amazing, and a whole lifestyle change for all of us!

Thanks a million for your help

Mack and I had our first peaceful walk together in almost 2 years!

I can’t recommend Armando highly enough!

The results are incredible; our dog is so well behaved!

…living with our dog is 100% better than how we were living before!

The work they do is beyond belief!

The Hyper Pup is the superhero of dog training!