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Skype Sessions – Virtual Dog Training

When distance is an obstacle, modern technology makes it possible to meet while hundreds, or even thousands, of miles apart. With the ease of Skype we can enjoy a one on one hour long conversation and address any dog related issues that you’re currently struggling with. This is your chance to delve into your challenges and get all of your questions addressed.

Somethings we can cover and work on…

  • Provide a strong foundation for your puppy
  • Preparing your dog and house for baby
  • Understanding your dog and his/her behaviors on a new level
  • Learn how to properly use specific tools
  • Curb and stop aggressive behaviors
  • Learn how to establish a routine and structure
  • Become better at managing your dog and surroundings
  • Overcome personal blocks preventing you from making progress with your dogs
  • Better handle multiple dogs in one household

In many cases, we’ll formulate a plan to help you move forward and achieve your goals. You’ll get applicable steps which can be implemented immediately.

Skype sessions are $90/hour and payable through PayPal



Dogs are prevalent throughout our society, yet our ability to understand them beyond simple obedience and trick training still leaves a great deal to be desired. This gap in knowledge ultimately hurts dogs, as is seen by the number of dog bites to children from family dogs and the number of dogs relinquished to shelters or re-homed due to perceived behavioral problems.

Having a thorough understanding of dogs is paramount to running a successful dog services organization, be it a shelter, daycare, or training space.

It isn’t just the larger organizations or the pet professional that can benefit from an increase in understanding but, perhaps more importantly, the everyday dog owner as well.

A continuing education program helps ensure everyone is on the same page with regards to how dogs are handled and engaged with. It also allows for an increase in safety for staff, volunteers, dog professionals, and dog owners.

These seminars and talks are tailored towards your specific needs and geared to help those in attendance gain a higher level of competence and proficiency with dogs.

Past seminars have included:

  • With Knowledge and Compassion: Understanding the world of the Shelter Dog
  • Children and Dogs: A match made in heaven?
  • Understanding how behavioral problems develop in your pet dog
  • How to easily communicate with dogs by learning their language
  • The Top 10 ways that a family dog develops aggression and how to avoid it
  • How a shelter environment affects dogs and influences behavior

Seminars are conducted in an engaging and entertaining manner and taught in a way to be understood by all, from professional dog handlers, (vets, trainers, etc.) to first time dog owners.

These seminars are conducted free of charge to any shelters, rescue groups, and other non-profit organizations.