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During private lessons we’ll be meeting in your house or at our facility. Your trainer will guide and coach you through the process of training your dog.

Either program is able to be customized to your individual needs. From teaching your dog basic obedience skills to dealing with more serious behavioral problems, we’ll design a program with a concrete plan and specific goals to help you achieve results.

Private lessons will require you to do work in between our meetings. You’ll have homework and will be required to submit videos of your work and progress to your trainer. This is in order to provide you with feedback and help you improve your skills and those of your dog.

In addition to the training, you’ll be counseled on how to improve your structure, management, and relationship with your dog. These are all integral parts of any training plan.

Please keep in mind that these private lessons are intended to go beyond simply teaching the dog a behavior. Very often in order to improve behavior you’ll need to take a more comprehensive and holistic approach to the problem. That means addressing issues with the dog and the humans. Be prepared to work. Do not sign up for private lessons if you do not feel you can commit to the work.

The Well Mannered Dog

This program is for dogs who are social and friendly and don’t present serious behavior challenges.

This program focuses on teaching your dog to have better control over his or her impulses and to be more attentive and responsive to you, the leader.

We’ll focus on teaching…

  • Place
  • Sit/Stay
  • Down/Stay
  • Automatic Sits
  • Coming when called
  • Loose Leash Walking

Investment: $725 plus tax

Controlled Obedience

This program is designed for dogs dealing with more serious issues. We teach many of the same behaviors that we do in the well mannered dog program but it’s purpose is on working with dogs with fear behaviors, anxiety, or antisocial behaviors, among others.

You’ll be getting instructions on how to establish and enforce structure and management protocols within your household, as well as improving the relationship between yourself and your dog.

Will focus on all of the problems that you’re currently experiencing with your dog, including…

  • Leash Reactivity
  • Fear Aggression
  • Barrier Frustration
  • Resource Guarding
  • Dog and Human Aggression
  • Anxiety and Insecurity Issues
  • Demanding and Insistent Behaviors

Investment: $1150 plus tax

* You’re paying for results and not a specific number of lessons. For example, depending on you and your dog, you may get results in 4 lessons or 7 lessons.