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It’s not what you say or think, it’s what you do.

Many of us live through a vicious circle of denial. Denial about ourselves, others, and the world around us. This often means that we hold on to outdated beliefs. Beliefs that no longer serve us and, in many cases, work against us.

Despite the damaging beliefs and the clear evidence that the belief just isn’t working we continue and persist, refusing to let go. A new belief system and different perspective can often be a difficult thing to attain.

Many of us who struggle with our dogs start off with mistaken ideas and misconceptions about what a dog should or should not do.

However, even when things go wrong, we make very little effort to correct the problem.

We just go on with the same old stubborn beliefs that things will get better or that the dog will figure it out for him or herself.

That’s rarely, if ever, the case.

Getting rid of beliefs that no longer serve you, and taking solid concrete action on well grounded realities, is the only thing that will get you moving away from a crappy existence towards a happier, and more productive life. By the way, that’s true for any area of life.

You may not necessarily be to blame for the faulty thoughts and ideas you hold on to as truths. But you are to blame once they repeatedly produce zero or close to nothing and yet you refuse to change. Dog training can be tricky enough with make-believe myths clouding your head.

So then why are your actions so important? Because actions are manifestations of your inner world. Take action in the right direction and it can propel you into a deeper understanding of your current viewpoint, sometimes altering it.

Improvement and the way to progress is entirely within your control. It starts with you.

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