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The best places for your dog in Saratoga Springs, NY

The name Saratoga Springs alone is synonymous with horse racing but it’s quickly becoming known for its love of dogs. The town rolls out the red carpet for our furry friends and that’s evident in the many dog related events that go on during the warm months, but also the downtown atmosphere that welcomes them.

It’s a wonderful destination for those without dogs but the fact that the town embraces our canine friends makes it all that more enjoyable.

Here are just a few spots to go on a nice dog walking outing in Saratoga Springs, NY.


Saratoga Springs Congress Park

Congress Park is one of those quaint little village parks that make an ideal setting in all those Christmas movies you’ve ever watched. Situated in the middle of the town, the park is a miniature Eden with walk paths, plenty of grass, a carousel, and ponds.

Oh, there are also the ducks. Lots of them. They roam around freely throughout the park. So if you’re walking with your dog be aware that they will add to the many distractions in the area.



Saratoga State Park

Saratoga Springs State Park is part of the New York State parks system.

There are trails on which you may walk through but you’ll have just as good a time, or better, by staying on the paved walk paths and exploring. It’s a beautiful and relaxing walk with your dog.


Saratoga Battlefield

The Saratoga Battlefield is further removed from the town of Saratoga Springs, it’s closer to Schuylerville, but I include it because I’ve taken my dogs here and it’s a great walk with an amazing vantage point. Serene and rich in history, you can’t help but feel the presence of those whom fought on these grounds.



Saratoga Springs NY Dogs

Downtown Saratoga Springs is a short stroll for you and your dog.  It’s a beautiful village to walk with your dog since the area goes out of its way to promote itself as a dog friendly destination.

There are a handful of stores in which you’ll be able to take your dog and, while most others do not allow them, there are still plenty of coffee shops where you can sit outside while drinking your latte and park your Fido by your side.


Here are two additional sites that should provide you with additional information regarding any upcoming events or sights you may choose to visit. Have fun.

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  1. There are so many beautiful places to walk your dog in Saratoga (just like in Boston where I live).

    And… the history is amazing too!

    I love living where we had the revolution!

    Being outside and enjoying the history and the beauty also makes our dogs happy too!

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