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Board and Train or Private lessons, which is best for me and my dog?
This is ultimately a question which you’ll need to determine for yourself.

Simply speaking, during a board and train your trainer does the heavy lifting and all of the training is done by a professional. Meaning that you’ll get far more reliable behavior and results. During private lessons you’ll be doing all of the work while the trainer coaches you through the process.

A few things to consider…Do you have the time, inclination, and necessary commitment level to put into private lessons? Are your dogs issues above your skill level and would it be better to have a professional handle your dog? Are you part of the problem and will that make it difficult for your dog to take you seriously, and therefore get results?

Can I visit my dog during board and train?
That depends. In some instances, meetings are arranged and even encouraged. While in other cases, perhaps with more serious issues, it is often best for the dog to be fully immersed in the training without meeting his or her human(s) until once the training is complete.
Will my dog listen to me once he trains with you?
Absolutely. But you’ll want to keep in mind that many of your dogs issues may be in part to the relationship he or she currently has with you. You’ll also need to develop your skills in a few areas of training so that you can get your dogs focus and keep it. All of this means work on your part. This is why it’s important that we educate both ends of the leash to better address these issues.
What if I can’t do follow up sessions after my dogs board and train?
We get clients from all over the Capital Region of upstate New York as well as New York City, Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Jersey. Most are unable to do in-person sessions due to the distance. This is why we offer unlimited support via Zoom sessions, text, email, phone, or FaceTime. There are great advantages to living in the technological age in which we do and there’s really no reason why you can’t get support from your trainer when you need it.