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Dog Training

Do you guarantee results?
Keep in mind that a dog is a living, breathing organism with a mind of its own. Therefore, it would be unethical to give any assurance or guarantee of results. Our training is designed to help the dog deal with an unsettled mindset and make better choices. This means that the options are ultimately the dogs. Results also largely depend on the level of commitment you as the owner bring to the table. Remember that the turning point in any on-going negative behavior towards the creation of a more balanced dog happens once your dog returns home and you begin to implement many of the training practices we have introduced and followed the suggestions we provided. This is one of the key reasons why we choose to work with only the most committed and dedicated of owners willing to put in the time and effort to help their dogs.

However, we do guarantee that we will continue to work with you and your dog should you feel you need it in the future provided that you have kept up the training and maintained the skill level your dog acquired during his or her time with us.

Can I visit my dog during the board and train?
While you will have the opportunity to view exactly where your dog will be living during this period, once the actual training has begun we strongly discourage any contact with the dog. The shift into a new environment, as well as having a new handler, can be hugely transformative for the dog and is often a crucial factor in changing behavior. However, we will be communicating with you regularly and inform you on your dogs progress through his or her time in the program.

Why do you use prong collars?
I had been hesitant to utilize prong collars for a very long time. Each time believing that they were barbaric and unnecessary, yet never having actually used one as a training tool and much less having understood its proper usage. When I finally began to explore prong collars I turned my thinking around and started to see them as a far more effective tool for changing and managing unruly behavior. When used correctly prong collars can be life altering tools for dogs and their owners. I have seen many dogs choke, gag, and almost asphyxiate themselves while pulling on regular buckle collars and consider the prong collar to be by far a more humane alternative.

Do you use treats?
Absolutely. 90% of our training is with food. All training begins with positive reinforcement. Additional tools, such as the remote collar, are not utilized until the dog fully comprehends what is being asked of him or her.

What is expected of me during the board and train?
While we will be in direct communication with you while your dog is boarding with us there is not much that will be required of you during this period. The real work on your part begins once your dog returns home. You are an integral part of the program and a crucial factor in the overall success of your dog’s rehabilitation. The humans essentially make or break the program. You will be the coach or mentor your dog needs. In order to do that you will need to go through your own learning curve. We’ll be here to support you and guide you through the process.