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Imagine having the dog of your dreams in 30 days or less.

  • A dog who listens, focuses, and responds to your commands
  • A dog who comes when called and doesn’t run away
  • A dog who will wait patiently at an open doorway
  • A dog who will walk by your side, on leash or off leash
  • A dog who is able to relax and settle when you say so
  • Imagine feeling more in control and more relaxed around your dog

Would you believe that you can get all this in only 30 days? 

Some people can’t imagine that their dog would be able to do any of the things listed above but what if I told you that YOUR DOG CAN LEARN all of them and become the dog of your dreams within 30 days or less. *

Programs can be customized to suit your unique needs.

The Right Track Program

You just want to be able to watch TV or eat dinner without dealing with your dogs jumping, barking, racing, or food stealing. Or maybe you have that one issue that has been grating on your nerves and you want to address it now. Then after just one or two lessons this program will help you minimize or eliminate the problem(s) and have you create a solid plan for moving forward. The program is jam packed with information to give you a deeper understanding of your dog and help you avoid any future issues from developing.

Some things this program can address:

  • Puppy Foundation (Structure, routine, potty training, leash walking, crate training)
  • Resource Guarding
  • Walking Manners
  • Leash Aggression

Program includes:

  • Access to the private Facebook group
  • Unlimited access to Armando and support via email, text, phone, or Skype during your program
  • Free dog training ebooks

Investment for the program: $475 (plus tax)

The Well Behaved Dog Program    

If your dog has gotten a bit out of hand and difficult to deal with after this program you’ll have him/her listening and looking at you for direction. Instead of the stress and chaos of living with an unruly dog you can enjoy quiet time in your home without out-of-control or obnoxious behaviors. This program will give you added clarity and understanding so behavior problems never take you by surprise again. You’ll feel as if you have a different dog. 

This program takes place in the comfort of your own home and is great for people who have time to commit to a training plan, can be consistent, and are interesting in learning how to train their dogs. 

What you’ll get with this program:

  • 5 Basic Commands: Sit, Down, Stay, Place, Come.
  • Leash Walking
  • Nutrition advice/suggestions
  • Wait patiently at open doorways (Avoid over-excitement and door dashing)
  • Control around food (No food aggression, resource guarding food, crazy pacing or jumping at mealtime)
  • Watch me (Have your dog ask for permission and give you focus)
  • No Jumping (Get calmness during greetings)
  • Create a structured and calm environment
  • Address nuisance behaviors such as, counter surfing, nipping, lunging, or excessive barking

Program includes these features/bonuses:

  • Unlimited lessons for 3 months
  • Customized Training Plan to fit your specific needs
  • Access to our private Facebook group
  • Training tools 
  • Unlimited access to Armando and support via email, text, phone,or Skype during your program
  • Free dog training and dog behavior eBook library 

Investment for this program: $1175 (plus tax)

The Lifetime Freedom Program* (Board and Train)    

This is the ultimate in training and where dog owners get the best results. *This is a 2 or 3 week program depending on issues. 

Imagine that instead of running away your dog comes to you each and every time you call. After completion of this program you will be able to take your dog with you to more places. You will understand your dog at a deeper level so that you can avoid future problems. You’ll no longer have a dog who races out the door or pulls you on leash. You may have a dog that is wild and out-of-control but after the program you’ll have a more focused and calmer dog who actually listens to you. And the best part, We do all the work for you!

What your dog will learn during the program:

  • Complete off-leash reliability (Your dog will come when called. You’ll never lose your dog while on outings)
  • Control around doors (No more door dashing or craziness around open doorways)
  • Calmness around food (Get focus and attention every single time around food)
  • Off-leash heel (Have your dog walk by your side, without a leash!)
  • High obedience around distractions (Your dog will go on field trips to test and develop new skills)
  • Place Command (Send your dog to a bed or mat. Perfect when your occupied with other matters and need the dog to settle)
  • Proper Leash Walking (Put an end to the pulling, weaving, whining, or general craziness during walks)
  • Leave it (Get your dog to drop any object he or she picks up)

Call to ask about availability. Space is limited. 

  • Our Lifetime Support Guarantee
  • Access to our private Facebook group
  • Eligible for future boarding 
  • Training tools: remote collar, training collar if needed, long line)
  • Pick up and drop off of your dog for board and train
  • Free dog training and dog behavior eBook library
  • Unlimited access to Armando and support via email, text, phone, or Skype
  • Unlimited Private Follow up training sessions

Investment for the 2 week program: $2475 (plus tax)

Investment for the 3 week program: $2975 (plus tax)


Our Guarantee

  • Lifetime Board and Train support Guarantee – We will continue to work with you until you get the results you want and that we’ve agreed on.