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BOARD AND Train in the Capital Region of New York State

Board and Train Dog Training in Glens Falls, Queensbury, Wilton, Malta, Saratoga Springs, Lake George, Halfmoon, Latham, Albany and surrounding areas.

Benefits of Board and Train with The Hyper Pup

The Hyper Pup Board and Train Benefits

2 Week Board and Train

Investment: $2100 plus tax

Designed to enhance your dog’s reliability on 2 or 3 specific commands, this program is ideal for social and friendly dogs that need fine-tuning or want to learn new skills effectively and confidently.

Program Highlights:

  • Video Support: Access a library of video tutorials and support materials to reinforce training at home, ensuring consistency and continued progress.
  • Follow-Up Lessons: Benefit from 2 free follow-up lessons to maintain and enhance your dog’s training, keeping their skill sharp and reliable.

3 Week Board and Train

Investment: $3197 plus tax

Our On-Leash Obedience Training program takes your dog’s training to the next level, covering all obedience commands with more time with a trainer and added practice in real-world settings. Over three weeks, your dog will learn to be well-mannered and obedient, both at home and in public.

The program is designed for dogs who are social with humans but may struggle with mild to moderate behavior issues. 


  • Comprehensive Command Training: Teach your dog commands like sit/stay, down/stay, heel, place, and recall.
  • Public Training Field Trips: Practice commands in various public settings to ensure reliability.
  • Training Tools Included: All necessary tools provided (excluding ecollar).
  • Video Support: Access to video tutorials for continued learning and reinforcement.
  • Follow-Up Lessons: Receive 3 free follow-up lessons to reinforce training and address any issues.

4 Week Board and Train

Investment: $3947 plus tax

Our most popular program.

Our Advanced Off-Leash Obedience Training program is the ultimate training experience, providing your dog with the skills needed to perform commands reliably off-leash, even under high distractions. This four-week intensive course also addresses behavioral issues and includes our Lifetime Support Guarantee.


  • Advanced Command Training: Master sit/stay, down/stay, heel, place, and recall with increased distractions, distance, and duration.
  • Behavioral Issue Targeting: Address specific behavioral problems.
  • Public Training Field Trips: Ensure command reliability in diverse public environments.
  • Training Tools Included: Includes all tools necessary, plus an ecollar for advanced off-leash training.
  • Video Support: Continuous access to video tutorials for ongoing training support.
  • Lifetime Support: Benefit from unlimited follow-up lessons and lifetime support to ensure long-term success.


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