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What do you know about pet ownership?

I’m a visual person. I think in pictures.

It’s called visual spatial learning or right brain thinking.

People like me use the right side of their heads, which is the emotional and creative side, to take in information and make sense of it.

Even when I’m reading the driest of information, and dog training and behavior can be dry and boring at times, I have to create mental pictures around the information to connect to it better.

This is why I love infographs. You’ve seen them all around the net and all around Facebook. Seems like everyone out there likes to post these things, and why not? Most are colorful, artfully done, and contain plenty of fun information in tiny snippet sizes.

It’s a nice way of being tricked into learning and let’s face it, some of us have to be tricked into it. Anyway, the people at Daily Infographic serve up a ton of these and it’s well worth checking out.

Here’s one I found recently that’s related to pet ownership and us pet freaks.

I didn’t know that we spend over $5 Billion a year on holiday gifts alone for our pets. That’s nuts. Or that 58% of us bury our pets on our property, after they die of course. That translates into perhaps millions of houses with a dog or cat buried in the backyard. Watch the movie Pet Semetery and think about that next time you go house hunting.

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