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James Gandolfini dies, dogs all over the world lose a friend.

Ok, it’s not like an actor passing will bring catastrophic consequences to dogs all over. It’s just that I liked this particular actor, and that’s saying a lot. I can count on two hands the present day actors I consider to have any real talent and he was one of them.

His subtle and often hardcore interpretation of the mob boss Tony Soprano will forever resonate with fans all over the world, like Captain Kirk and Archie Bunker.

In a society where celebrities are worshipped and looked up to as idols, and where many celebrities feed into this cult atmosphere with their own shallow self promotion, it’s refreshing when an actor shuns the limelight and focuses on solely his work.

Gandolfini was an animal advocate with a deep love and admiration for pit bulls. He rescued a dog, Duke, and it’s difficult to Google the actors name and not find numerous pictures of Duke by his side.

He will be missed.

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