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In-Home Private Training Programs

In-Home Consultation                                                                                                 $150

Often times dog owners are in the dark and confused about their dog’s specific problems. They don’t understand the root cause of the trouble and so they don’t know how to prevent it from reoccurring. My private consultations are where I provide you with detailed information regarding the issues you observe as well as those that may arise down the road. I tell you how you may be contributing to the problem and give you actionable steps to eliminate or minimize the problem behavior. At the end of our meeting you’ll walk away with deeper insights and a broader understanding as to what makes your dog tick and how you can peacefully coexist within your household.

  • Have all your dog related questions answered by an experience professional

  • Packed with practical and applicable information

  • Form a stronger relationship with your dog through games and activities

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your dogs issues

Consultations are generally 90 minutes to 2 hours in length.

Package 1

3 Training Sessions (3.5 Total hours of training)                                                     $320 plus tax

This package is for owners who would like to work on building and improving 1-3 obedience skills or addressing a minor behavioral problem.

The aim is to provide you with as much insight as possible into your dog’s behavior. This includes a deeper understanding of your dog’s body language and the triggers that are bringing about the undesired behavior. I’ll teach you techniques to help you training and manage your dog during the difficult times. Most clients see immediate improvement within the time frame of this consultation.

Many problems are created due to a breakdown in communication between owner and dog. Other issues are based on a particular struggle the dog deals with on a daily bases – think fear, anxiety, frustration, etc.

This training is designed to either entirely eliminate, or help place you on the path towards eliminating any undesirable behavior.

Many of my clients desperately need to reestablish a sense of peace and stability in their lives but it is vitally important to understand that the dog requires the same thing. Living in a state of chaos is as unnatural and unhealthy for dogs as it is for humans and it is often symptomatic of a unbalanced mindset.

My approach is not about force or intimidation but about providing the proper leadership and guidance in order to help your dog make the correct decisions and choices. I will help your dog understand that you re the person to help them make those choices.

Adding Group Classes to this package creates an increased opportunity to put into practice everything you’ve learned during your private lessons. Classes help you develop your handling and leadership skills as well as help your dog practice his or her new skills, socialize, and deal with real world distractions and triggers. That’s $425 for the 3 private lessons and 6 group training classes. 

Package 2

5 Training Sessions (5.5 Total hours of training)                                                     $540

This package allows for work on a wider range of obedience commands or helps address a more serious or stubborn behavioral problem.

***Prices do not include training equipment. Training collars are $25 to $35. We recommend low level remote training collars for certain behavior issues and off-leash reliability. We use the bests products which range in price from $150 to $250.

My Guarantee – If at the end of our first meeting you do not feel that we have made significant progress and are on the right path towards improving your dog’s behavior I will gladly refund your fee.


The “Walk Pro” Program                                                            $175 

Is walking your dog a nightmare (pulling or dragging you on leash) instead of a calming and relaxing experience?…

Do you feel embarrassed when your dog barks/growls/lunges at other dogs or people (reacts impulsively and aggressively to certain triggers)?…

Do you schedule your walks during the very early morning or late evening hours in order to avoid running into others and thus setting off your dog?….

If any of these sounds like you then it’s time to participate in our Walk Pro Program. Walking with your dog should be an enjoyable experience, not one filled with stress, anxiety, or fear. We can help dramatically reduce, and even eliminate, your issues within a short period of time, often in just one session.

The best way to establish and cultivate a relationship with your dog is through the walk. A controlled walk provides you with the opportunity to apply your leadership skills, introduce structure, and teach impulse control.

Consistent barking/growling/lunging is practiced behavior and becomes your dog’s reflexive response to unfamiliar or fear invoking triggers. Undesirable and aggressive behavior created by frustration becomes reinforcing when it is allowed to continue. Utilizing and practicing with the proper tools, techniques, and mindset you can begin to experience almost instantaneous improvement in your dog’s behavior and in your handling skills.

You’ll meet with Armando at one of the parks in Saratoga Springs for 2 sessions at 1 hour each where you’ll work to address the various problems you have during the walk.


Skype sessions
Phone/Skype single session consultations

($135/1 hour session)

This is for dog owners that are unable to meet due to distance but are looking to increase their understanding of a specific issue, improve a behavioral problem, learn how to use training tools correctly, or learn how to properly apply the appropriate methods or techniques.

We’ll outline a long-term plan that best suits you and your dogs needs to help you achieve your training goals

Some topics that may be discussed included:

  • How to address an aggression issue

  • Dealing with hyper, anxious, unruly behavior

  • Crate training concerns

  • Dogs and children in the same household

  • Instructional usage of training tools, such as a prong collar or remote collar

  • Living with multiple dogs in a household

  • Achieving a healthier and more respectful relationship with your dog


Click here for our Board and Train Program


Armando and Michelle as people are so genuinely nice, laid back and friendly. You could just tell how natural they are with dogs. (They were) extremely quick with all forms of communication- emailed me first, called back quickly. Our dog is so important to us and we put a lot of trust in The Hyper Pup and they exceeded all expectations                         .                                                – Esther, Albany