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Have a well-trained, well-mannered,

manageable dog in 45 days or less.

Are you wondering when and why it all went wrong? Why your dog doesn’t listen to you? Why your dog ignores you when called?

Or maybe the nuisance behaviors such as barking, chewing the furniture, zooming through the house, counter surfing, racing out the door, etc. are getting out of hand and uncontrollable. Maybe you’re feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by your dogs behaviors.

It’s possible you no longer enjoy living with your dog and the day to day headaches are getting to be too much. Maybe you’re wishing your dog was different, easier to live with. 

Our clients have put an end to their dogs behavior problems in 45 days or less. You can do the same and have a dog that you’re happy to live with, is far easier to manage and control, listens to you, and is less stressful to be around.

Do you want to have a dog that listens more? That is more responsive to your cues? That is calmer and far easier to manage? A dog that waits patiently for food and at open doors? A dog that walks nicely by your side? A dog that is more respectful and compliant? Then our system can help you get real results.

Why our system works…

  • It gets to the root of the problem (and builds on an educational foundation)

Dogs don’t do random behaviors out of the blue. There’s always a reason for their actions and this is why every issue is addressed from a behavioral point of view.

You can’t address a problem if you don’t know how it formed, and you can’t avoid future issues if you don’t recognize the symptoms that spell trouble up ahead. We don’t simply aim to teach your dog new skills but to make you (the human) a smarter, better informed, and more proactive dog parent.

You’ll know why your dog behaves the way he/she does, how your contribution can be crucial to improving behavior, and many other things that provide you deeper insight into your dog. This one component can often be the one piece that sets you up for continual success. Knowledge is power.

Our system gives you an accurate diagnosis of the current problem before we begin training, as well as an in-depth analysis of any potential issues that my spring up in the future. Training doesn’t begin until we’ve established this crucial foundational understanding. We place emphasis on your dog’s behaviors and place it within its proper context (the existing relationship to humans and other dogs, the environment, how the dog communicates, its current state of mind, etc.).

  • It applies a systemic, step by step approach

Each training plan is customized to you and your dog’s unique needs. This is not a cookie cutter approach. Dog problems arise for different reasons and the initial consultation helps us discover the core problem and address it accordingly. We guide you through the process and provide you with achievable milestones to help you reach your goals.

  • It provides continual guidance and instruction

One of the most frustrating parts of dog training programs is that the human is left to fill in the gray areas on their own. There are too many questions, stumbling blocks, and nuances that can leave the human frustrated, confused, and often leads to quitting before they realize any actual results.

With our training programs you get a strong support system. You get continual access to your trainer who will answer any questions regarding your efforts. You’re never abandoned or left to figure it out on your own and our guarantee assures that you will have access to us for the life of your dog.

We’ve taken all of the risk out of training for you. If you commit to a program (and your dogs well-being) and to the idea of making gradual but continual improvement you will most certainly get reliable and predictable results. Dog training doesn’t need to be complex or difficult to keep up with.

A Dog Training Program that gets results

The Well Behaved Dog Program    $528

This is a fantastic first option for dog owners looking to establish a strong foundation of structure and basic skills with their dog(s), regardless of your their age. It can transform an unruly, hyper, anxious, or otherwise unmanageable dog into one that is more attentive, focused, and respectful.

Imagine having a dog that listens to you and responds to your cues and directions. What if you could put an end to unwanted behavior and be able to stop future bad behaviors before they happen? You can have a dog that is less impulsive and much more manageable. If you can have peace of mind, why settle for anything less?

Program includes these bonuses:

  • Access to other training clients through private Facebook group
  • Customized training plan
  • Free dog training and dog behavior eBook library
  • Lifetime support Guarantee through email/text/phone

These results are typically achieved within 3 or 4 sessions spread out during the 45 days. In between sessions you’ll be doing homework based on what is covered in each lesson.

Payment plans available

The Transform Your Dog Program*      $928

For dog parents that want a higher level of control and manageability and want to put in the work. With this program you and your dog will gain all the benefits of the “Well behaved dog program” as well as off-leash obedience and freedom. This is for the dog parent looking to achieve amazing results and turnaround their dogs poor behavior.

Take your dog on outings such as hikes and off-leash walks and know he or she will return when you call. Enjoy a level of freedom that few dog owners attain and most dream of.

Program includes these bonuses:

  • A long line
  • Customized training plan
  • Access to other training clients through private Facebook group
  • Free dog training and dog behavior eBook library
  • Lifetime support Guarantee through email/text/phone

Payment plans available

Program does not include the mini-educator remote collar which is purchased separately.

These results are typically attained within 5 to 6 sessions

The Lifetime Freedom Program* (Board and Train Boot Camp)    $1890

This is the ultimate in training and where dog parents get the best results.

Enjoy peaceful outings, off-leash activity and fun. Get to take your dog with you to more places. Understand your dog at a deeper level. No more racing out the door. No more avoiding you when you call. No more pulling on leash. No more jumping on guest or counters. Have your dog join in on family activities. Build mutual trust and strengthen your bond.

During the training your dog will live in our home (only 2 dogs at a time) and is never kenneled in a basement or garage. Our training is focused on teaching your dog to live in a proper home environment.

  • Be able to take your dog to the park and on hikes
  • Understand your dogs mind and actions
  • Have the ability to call your dog back to you knowing he or she will return each and every time
  • Get complete attention from your dog
  • Get your dog to walk nicely by your side, on-leash or off.
  • Gain increased manageability and control of your dog indoor and outdoors
  • Live a more peaceful, happier, and saner quality of life

We take only two dogs at a time and tend to get booked at an average of three months into the future. Call to ask about availability. Don’t delay, sign up today.

Program includes these bonuses:

  • Access to other training clients through private Facebook group
  • 30 page training guide
  • Customized training plan
  • Eligible for future boarding
  • Pick up and drop off of your dog for board and train
  • Free dog training and dog behavior eBook library
  • Lifetime support Guarantee through email/text/phone

Payment plans available

2 weeks board and train and 2 private lessons

*Does not include the mini-educator remote collar which is purchased separately

FREE EVALUATION for those considering the board and train program!

Our Guarantee

  • Money back within first 7 days of starting a program
  • Lifetime dog training support Guarantee – We will be here to address any questions or tune up learned skills for the life of your dog (ask for details)

Take a look at our FAQ page


Up Your Game Behavioral Consultation     $175

Knowledge and deeper understanding is always the key to correcting a behavior problem or nuisance behavior. These consultations are designed to give you insight into why your current problems exist, how they can potentially worsen, and what you can do to mitigate the issues.

While we do discuss dog training and management options consultations are primarily focused on education for the humans and helping you get to the root cause of the problem. Consultations generally run 90 minutes to 2 hours and are filled with information pertaining to body language, behavioral psychology in dogs, how environment and human interactions influence overall development, and much more.

Free eBook pertaining to your current challenge


Armando and Michelle as people are so genuinely nice, laid back and friendly. You could just tell how natural they are with dogs. (They were) extremely quick with all forms of communication- emailed me first, called back quickly. Our dog is so important to us and we put a lot of trust in The Hyper Pup and they exceeded all expectations                         .                                                – Esther, Albany