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dog training classes

Puppy Kindergarten

This class is loads of fun and packed with a great deal of information. The first few months are a crucial period for dogs. This is the time to lay a strong foundation that will set you on the path towards having a happier, healthier, more manageable dog.

Your dog will begin the first steps of obedience training (such as sit, down, recall, stay, and watch me) but, more importantly, you’ll gain understanding of how to create an environment where you and your dog can coexist peacefully and without issues.

Topics covered in class:

  • Deal with whining and biting
  • Properly housetrain your puppy
  • Crate training – why it’s important and how to get started
  • Deal with destructive chewing
  • Avoid nuisance barking
  • Handle home alone problems (such as separation anxiety
  • Understand resource guarding
  • Socialize your dog safely (accepting strangers)
  • Teach your dog to accept gentle handling
  • Learn about appropriate toys
  • Understand the relationship between Dogs and children
  • Teach impulse control and calmness
  • Play pass the puppy
  • Learn how to properly train your dog any behavior

Preparing for class
Have your puppy wear a flat, buckle/snap collar – no harnesses or training collars that tighten. Please have your pup on a 6’or 4’ leash. “Flexi” leashes are not appropriate for class.

Don’t feed your puppy right before class. Instead, bring their kibble to class in a ziploc bag for use as lures and rewards while training. Also bring a few extra-tasty treats to reward your pup for their best performances. Your treats should be small, soft, and smelly. Easy for your dog to eat and not require long periods of chewing.

We require at least one adult per enrolled puppy. We encourage the whole family attend the class together but if children are three years or younger, a second adult must be present.

Class begins Saturday, July 21st at 9am.

$150 for 6 classes

Pre-registration required. Click here to sign up.

All classes are held at Canine to Five.


Reactive Dog Classes

If you’re struggling with your dogs reactive behavior around other dogs, then this class is for you.

Dealing with a reactive dog can be frustrating, confusing, and even intimidating. You feel judged by others, don’t understand why it’s happening, and suspect that you or others could be in danger. Some owners are desperate to improve their situation.

This class is designed to help your dog cope with the stress of being around other dogs by learning to treat and manage his or her emotional responses on leash. It’s also meant to boost your confidence when handling your reactive dog in public spaces.

What the class covers:

  • Understand why your dog responds the way he or she does.
  • Teach your dog calmness, relaxation, and focus on you.
  • Learn valuable and practical techniques to help you better manage your dog’s behavior.
  • Raise your level of awareness to better predict your dog’s responses to the environment.
  • Learn the difference between training and management and when to apply them.

The first class is a seminar and is roughly 90 minutes to 2 hours and is for humans only. No dogs during this seminar.

Class begins Thursday, July 19th at 7 pm and meets every week at the same time and day.

$250 for 6 weeks.

Class is limited to 6 students.

Email ( or call (518-944-0678) Armando before registering. Click here to sign up.
First class is for humans only. No dogs.

All classes are located at Canine to Five in Clifton Park.