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Reactive Dog Program

If you’re struggling with your dogs reactive behavior around other dogs or humans, then this program is for you.

Dealing with a reactive dog can be frustrating, confusing, and even intimidating. You feel judged by others, don’t understand why it’s happening, and suspect that you or others could be in danger. Some owners are desperate to improve their situation.

This program is designed to help your dog cope with the stress of being around other dogs by learning to treat and manage his or her emotional responses on leash. It’s also meant to boost your confidence when handling your reactive dog in public spaces.

You will have 2 private sessions during which you will gain deeper insight into your dogs challenges as well as handling and focus techniques. After the lessons you then progress into the Follow The Leader class.

What the class covers:

  • Understand why your dog responds the way he or she does.
  • Teach your dog calmness, relaxation, and focus on you.
  • Learn valuable and practical techniques to help you better manage your dog’s behavior.
  • Raise your level of awareness to better predict your dog’s responses to the environment.
  • Learn the difference between training and management and when to apply them.

$250 for 2 private lessons and 3 classes. After your 3 classes you may continue to participate in additional Follow The Leader classes for $5 per class. No appointment is necessary.

Email ( or call (518-944-0678) Armando before registering. Click here to sign up.



Practice makes perfect. Follow the Leader is a follow-up handling class which can be taken after any of our private lessons training programs.

This class is designed to allow clients to hone their on-leash skills in a structured environment while also working through real world issues, such as handling your dog around other dogs, people, bikes, cars, squirrels, etc.

If you have participated in any private training with us you are eligible to join us every Saturday at 10:30am for our Follow the Leader handling class.

No appointment needed. The cost is $5 a class.

Please be sure to bring your dog 5 to 10 minutes early and on the training tool appropriate for your dogs training.

Only one dog per person.