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Obedience Group Classes

All dogs and their owners must go through a minimum of 3 private lessons before participation in group classes. This is to help your dog make progress without the added distractions of other unfamiliar dogs and humans.

We offer Training Packages consisting of Private Lessons with Group Classes.

These classes are designed to enhance and build upon the skills learned in the private lessons you receive. They provide you opportunity to practice and strengthen your handling skills as well as deepen your understanding of what makes your dog tick. Combined, they can transform your ability to control your dog and increase your confidence in dealing with any scenario.

While your dog may not have serious issues this class still presents enormous opportunities for continues socialization and the chance to improve your handling skills.

Classes are outdoors in Saratoga Springs (weather permitting) to better empower you to navigate the real world distractions and stresses you and your dog will encounter each time you go out. When the weather gets too harsh we head indoors to our training space 8 minutes from Saratoga where hot coffee awaits you.

You’ll learn how to…

– Deal with common behavior problems (such as Jumping, Pulling on leash, distracting behavior, tuning you out, etc.)
– Spot behavior problems before they begin
– Gain and keep your dog’s attention
– Teach your dog impulse control
– Develop confidence in your dog handling and leadership skills
– Learn to control your dog in real world environments
– Read your dog’s body language and communicate more effectively
– Understand your dog’s emotional triggers
– Become more environmentally aware
– Be your dog’s best teacher, advocate, leader, and friend
– Regain a sense of safety and control

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This class is for dogs who bark, growl, lunge, or exhibit any type of defensive posturing or aggressive behavior at the sight of, or within proximity to, other dogs or humans. Classes are designed to help both dogs and owners but it especially focuses on the human side of reactivity ways to increase your ability and confidence to deal with your dogs reactive and confrontational outbursts. As an owner you will gain deeper insights as to why your dog behaves the way he or she does as well as increase your own self-assurance while handling and walking your dog.

You’ll learn to:

– Be continually aware of your surroundings
– Understand your dog’s triggers and stressors
– Improve your handling skills
– Walk your dog properly
– Gain your dog’s focus and attention
– Understand your dog’s proximity threshold
– Read your dog with better accuracy
– Increase your dog’s confidence
– Increase your confidence during reactive moments

Classes are currently held outdoors in Saratoga Springs during the Spring, Summer, and Fall. Call or email for additional information and a dog assessment.