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Do you feel you’re losing control over your dog?

Does it seem as if your dog has taken over the house?

Are you frustrated over his/her bad behavior?

Board and Train Services

Board and Train Benefits include:

  • Lifetime support for your dog
  • Customized In-Home 30 day Training Program
  • A In-Home follow up during the first 30 days
  • A 30 page Training guide and cheat sheet
  • Calmer dog
  • Impulse control
  • Improved walking skills
  • Improved focus and attention on you
  • Clearer communication with your dog
  • A deeper understanding of how your dog thinks and behaves

Our board and train program is a 24/7 training program where your dog gets to live in our home and train. The purpose is to fully immerse your dog in an environment where rules, structure, and routine help bring about the formation of a new mindset. Through consistent training exercises, as well as positive interaction with other humans and dogs, your dog will learn to achieve a sense of calmness and make better choices. The aim and purpose is to teach your dog to live under the rules and conditions of a home environment while learning to make the right choices.

This program also provides you with complete off-leash reliability with your dog through our remote collar training. Our use of the remote collar allows for gentle communication between dog and human. It is far removed from the older “shock” treatment that was inhumanely delivered to dogs over 20 years ago. The proper utilization of the remote collar does not induce fear nor pain. In fact, you will most likely see a dog that develops a positive association to the collar and demonstrates happiness at the sight of it.

We take only a limited number of dogs at any given time. This is to ensure that each dog gets specialized and individual care and attention. During this time your dog becomes part of our family and is looked after as if he or she was one of our own. Our Board and Train dogs eat, sleep, and rest in a family environment and are never placed in a kennel or in any environment resembling a kennel. They get many walks, learn to socialize with other dogs (if possible), and receive plenty of affection and attention in between training.

If you have a dog that tunes you out, that gives in too easily to distractions, or embarrasses you in social situations this program will help YOU regain a sense of control and increase your confidence and handling abilities.

Board and Train can be scheduled to coincide with your business travel, vacations, or anytime you feel you need a break from the stressful behavior.

  • Unlimited phone/text/email support

  • Lifetime support guarantee

5 Day Jump-Start to a more respectful and well mannered dog – $550

During this period your dog will learn polite leash walking skills as well as threshold training (waiting at door, waiting for food, waiting by car, etc.). This program is geared towards dogs that have had some basic level of obedience training (they don’t need to be experts), and is not appropriate for younger puppies with little skills and extremely high energy.

5 Day Off-Leash Obedience Training – $550 

This is when your dog learns a more reliable recall and walks by your side at heel while off-leash

14 Day Board and Train – $1450

During this program your dog will learn:

  • Sit/Stay
  • Down/Stay
  • Waiting for Food
  • Place Command
  • Crate Training
  • Waiting calmly at thresholds (Doors, Car, Crate, etc.)
  • Walk politely On-Leash and Off-Leash

3-4 Week Behavior Modification Board and Train – $1725 / $1975

Some of the more serious issues we help you resolving :

  • Stop Dog on Dog Aggression
  • Stop Human aggression
  • Stop Resource guarding
  • Stop Lunging and Reactivity on Leash
  • Stop Running when Called
  • Stop Separation anxiety
  • Stop Excessive Barking
  • Stop Whining
  • Stop General Destruction




My Guarantee – I will provide lifetime help and support for your dog. If you ever experience continued challenges with your dog I will gladly assist you in getting your dog back to his or her proper mindset. No further fees will apply.

*Price does not reflect the additional cost of an e-collar which range in price from $180 to $195.

The Hyper Pup is the Superhero of dog training. Armando, the owner, clearly loves and cares about dogs. He has a wonderful way with them. I highly recommend The Hyper Pup if you’re looking for help in curbing your dog’s enthusiasm and learning new appropriate behaviors. It was an exceptional experience for my mini schnauzer, Roxie. Since Roxie doesn’t speak English I can relate only to her new skills and behavior. My once hyper pup is now calm and obedient. Armando keeps in contact with you during your dog’s stay at The Hyper Pup. I especially enjoyed the videos of Roxie’s progress. She learned many new skills during her stay at the Hyper Pup. Sending Roxie to the Hyper Pup was one of the best investments I have made. It is well worth it. Amazing!

Lois P. Malta, NY

We feel so fortunate that someone recommended The Hyper Pup to us. We thought a board and train was something we only saw on TV and never imagined we would have the opportunity to have our new dog Levi trained by a professional. We tried to train him ourselves at first but it was very frustrating. We knew we did not have the time it takes to really train him with the consistency he needed. Armando kept in touch with us during the 2 week process with video and texts and he is always available to answer questions now that we have our Levi home. It is such a huge relief to have a dog that listens to us!! Thank you to The Hyper Pup! This is probably one of the best investments we will ever make!!

Jennifer S. Clifton Park, NY

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