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We are your resource for obedience training and behavior modification. We specialize in resolving the most challenging behavioral issues.

Our purpose and goal….
To help owners struggling with their dogs behavioral challenges regain control and restore calmness into their lives.

If your dog exhibits behavior that is unruly, unmanageable, out of control, or dangerous then our balanced approach to training will help put an end to that and help you achieve a better life with your dog.

Living with your dog can be far less stressful and much more enjoyable.

• Increase your dog’s reliability
• Be able to finally include your dog in family activities
• Increase your confidence and improve your handling skills
• Get rid of stress and anxiety – Feel safe around your dog

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Before Armando, our 6-year old Lab had never been boarded, walked, or in anyone’s care but our own, so we were understandably hesitant about finding someone to take care of her when we needed to.  My professional career is related to dogs, and I was frustrated when all the other so-called dog behaviorists talked about “pack animals” and “alpha dogs,” which is fundamentally outdate.

When I came across Armando’s website, I could tell he was truly a professional in dog behaviour, and indeed he is.  He clearly understands dogs, their relationship to humans, and how to train them appropriately, with love and positive reinforcement.  Most importantly, it’s obvious that he loves being around them, and values what he does. Our dog is a much better judge of character than any human I know, and she adores Armando! We were all very lucky to find him!

Beth, Saratoga Springs