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Helping you regain control and harmony in your life

Real World K9 Training and Rehabilitation

About The Hyper Pup Dog Training

Our work centers primarily on the relationship between human and dog and the humans ability to provide leadership in the way of guidance and clear instructions. Our focus is on helping you establish the kind of leadership necessary to having a harmonious life with your dog(s). We are deeply vested in your overall success towards the achievement of your training efforts.  We’re your support system.

Our Blog Articles

7 Reasons Why Dogs Meeting On-Leash Can Be A Horrible Idea

7 Reasons why Dogs meeting On-Leash can be a horrible idea

When I lived in New York City, traffic lights were to be ignored if you were a pedestrian.…

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What Our Clients Say About Us...

Hattie is home! And–thanks to Armando at The Hyper Pup–she is our dear, sweet Hattie without all the constant frustrations. She no longer slams into doors and windows, knocks down couches or people, chases the cat, or runs away. We can actually eat a meal peacefully. Hattie no longer counter surfs or drags quilts from our bed out through the doggie door and into the yard. She runs free like the wind and stops on a dime when I call.

Robyn Happy Client Photo

My girl Gracie returned home yesterday from a 2 week board and train with Armando and his family at The Hyper Pup. The work they do is beyond belief. Gracie is a new dog so much pleasure to be around. I was never able to walk her and she wouldn’t listen. Now she walks by my side and listen to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me and Gracie a better way of life. My personal dog whisperer!!!

Donna And Pup Photo

Dog Training and Rehabilitation

We want to be your resource for all your Dog Training, obedience training and behavior modification needs. We specialize in resolving the most challenging behavioral issues.

Our primary aim is to help owners like yourself currently struggling with their dogs behavioral challenges. Life is far better when you’re able to regain control over your problems and restore a sense of calmness back into your life.